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The Introverted Gyaru

It’s a strange concept, isn’t it, the thought of an introverted gyaru? Gyaru are always portrayed as out-going and fun-loving in the media, but I’m so far away from that. It used to get me down quite a lot as I felt that my introverted nature meant that I wasn’t a “real gyaru”, but the older I got the less I cared. I just preferred to be in the comfort of my home with my husband and my cat than out partying, it’s as simple as that.

top: diable baiser

shorts: reveal

belt: diable baiser (I think)

accessories: muse

shoes and bag: new look




1. a shy, reticent person.

It took me a very long time to get over the feeling of being a terrible gyaru because I wasn’t “wild and sexy” (no matter what my outfit said). The first few years of my gyaru life were spent going to every meet/sleepover/event I could, but the next day I was often left exhausted and sometimes ill if I pushed myself too hard. I started making excuses as to why I couldn’t go out, because anything was easier to say that “I’m so exhausted from socialising”. My online presence started to dwindle and I spent less time connecting with fellow gaijin gyaru. My blog was still going strong, and I was still commenting on instagram posts, but talking to other gaijin gyaru over heartfelt messages? It happened less and less. Before I knew it, I had major FOMO and felt like I was an outsider to the gyaru community.

So then I thought – maybe I wasn’t cut out to be gyaru after all.

Because how could I be gyaru if I was introverted? Gyaru are portrayed as having countless amount of friends, who knew how to party, and didn’t shy away from going out. If I told people that I was gyaru they’d probably fall out of their seat with disbelief. Lizzie? A gyaru? Impossible! I was probably more suited for Larme Kei or something delicate and pretty to suit my delicate nature.

But I love gyaru. I love it with every fibre of my being. So what if I can’t drink more than a pint without getting wasted, or if I was the sort of person to leave a party early? What about the things that I can do and enjoy, like spending (some) time with other gyaru and writing about it? Does that make me less gyaru? Sure, those things might be small, but they’re things that don’t make me feel incredibly awkward and craving for some alone time. I know my social limits, and if I can find friends that understand that then that’s all that really matters.

Let’s break the whole concept of the “gyaru scale” where your gyaru-ness is determined by the stereotypes. Let’s break the idea that you can only be a “real gyaru” if you are: wild and sexy; incredibly outgoing; who knows how to handle their drink; and can party a lot.

Let us just be gyaru because we want to be gyaru. Whether we’re introverted or extroverted.


Lizzie xx

p.s. Are you more introverted or extroverted? Have you ever been judged because of this?

p.p.s. This post was a little style collab with fellow gaijin gyaru blogger Reina. It was so fun to wear her style!

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