16 Things Every Agejo Gyaru Should Have

Y’all know that I am a HUGE Agejo fan, which is crazy because I always deemed it way too “out-there” for me in comparison to other gyaru styles (like my fave one, himekaji, which is a casual princess style). So I decided to put together a list of things that every agejo gyaru should have! I am by no means an expert, and there could be some things I’ve missed, but these are what I think are the agejo gyaru staples.

(This list was edited in 2020 with the help of Rachel!)

First Thing’s First – What is Agejo?

Agejo is one of the sexier substyles of gyaru, featuring a lot of lack, black/pink combos, and gold accessories. The film “Girl’s Life” features Haruka, played by Rina Sakurai, as an agejo gyaru who works in a hostess club (please note: agejo is a very popular style amongst hostesses!) Here’s a little moodboard which helped me out when putting together the agejo gyaru staples.

30 things every agejo should have

Things that Every Agejo Should Have

  1. Gyaru makeup! 
  2. Hair curlers/rollers – perfect for sujimori!
  3. Ageha magazine (or downloaded magazines which you could get from vvshu or zasshiko)
  4. Lace pjs
  5. Black and pink
  6. At least one MA*RS coord. MA*RS is the agejo gyaru brand after all.
  7. Suspenders/over-the-knee/thigh high socks
  8. Diamante gyaru nails
  9. Roses and bow hair accessories
  10. Over-the-knee boots
  11. A faux fur scarf for that uber sexy and glamorous appeal
  12. A fancy hostess-style dress
  13. Gold chain belt
  14. Pretty patterned tights for casual days
  15. Soft and cuddly hoodie that preferably has ears
  16. A pink coat
Things Every Agejo Should Have by hellolizziebee

Most of the items on the list could be carried across to other substyles of gyaru such as gyaru makeup (of course) and flashy nails, so it’s pretty adaptable! Looking back at it most items could be done… Maybe I should’ve stuck with the whole “30 Things Every Gyaru Should Have” idea…

Hope you had fun reading it! I guess this is also a sort of wishlist for me, so hopefully I will be able to own everything on the list (a girl can dream…)

What agejo staple do you own?

Lizzie xx

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