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Hey cutie! 你好小可爱!How are you? ♡ I have a lot on my mind recently that I want to write about but I’ll try my best not to ramble too much in this blog post (*ノ∀`*)

My energy levels have been absolutely shocking. The other weekend I went and spent some time with my bestie and I was pretty much dead for the rest of the weekend, doing nothing but sleep and watch tiktok videos on my phone. And then last weekend I went to get my nails done, and again I fell asleep just after dinner!!!! (I did wake up at one point though to talk to a few himekaji girls but that was it). What the hell is going on? Lockdown has really ruined my social batteries!

I talked to my bby Darla about this and we have concluded that it’s probably because I try to do everything in one day…. Putting makeup on, taking photos, recording YouTube videos as well as seeing friends – all in one day!

The reason why I do this is because I want to look perfect and create content in “perfect” conditions. So I would do overnight curls and make the most of the natural lighting.

But I’m going to try and break out of that perfectionism mindset. For example, I could start maybe filming YouTube videos in the evening and not worry that my hair isn’t perfectly curled and that it’s dark outside because I could just use my ring light. Then at least I can focus just on being with my friends on the weekend! Hopefully it works…

Another thing lockdown has ruined is the way I dress. I wore a lovely maxi dress last weekend and I just couldn’t wait to get into a hoodie and casual clothes when I got home. I just prefer comfy clothes now. So I need to put together some outfits that are cosy and cute haha. This is the outfit I changed into when I went to stock up on makeup supplies.

Talking about last weekend – I had to make do without wearing eyeliner because my eyeliner ran out while I was doing my makeup! It felt kind of weird not having it on my waterline, but I quite liked the look of it. Maybe I need to try it more often! I also ditched my NYX jumbo pencil and instead used a shimmery eyeshadow for my nose highlight because the NYX pencil was really drying for my skin.

I also recently bought some self tan from a brand called St Tropez and so far so good – I haven’t had any reactions and it gives me a lovely natural tan! I want to tan maybe every couple of weeks. Ideally I’d want to do it every weekend but I really need to be careful of my skin ( ╥ω╥ ) so I’ll just do it when I can!

Okay that’s all for today, sorry for such a long post! ( ╥ω╥ )

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