What I Love About Gals! The Manga

If you’re in the magical world of gyaru then you would’ve heard about our gyaru ‘bible’ (aka the most important manga ever), Gals! also known as Super Gals! in anime. It is my all-time favourite manga ever, and I’ve recently read it again so I’ve decided to put together everything that I loved about it.

Gals! the gyaru manga

What I Love About Gals, the Manga

It shows that the meaning of being gyaru…

… Isn’t just about how you look, but how you act as well. Throughout the manga Ran mentions things like standing up for yourself, never believing rumors, and dedicating yourself to living in the moment is equally important too. Gyaru isn’t just a fashion, but a lifestyle!

It gives you the gyaru boost

Everytime I flick through the manga or watch the anime, I want to jump off of the sofa and put on my gyaru makeup and hang out with my gyaru friends. I even – and this is a shocker – want to learn parapara! I know that I can rely on Gals! whenever I’m going through a gyaru slump.

Ran Kotobuki

I would’ve dedicated this whole blog post to Ran if I could, because she’s my ultimate inspiration. She’s everything I’d imagine gyaru to be – flashy, energetic, and one who knows how to have fun – and I’ve always wanted to be like her. Not only does she look super gyaru, but she doesn’t beat around the bush and would often tell things like it is. If a friend is being a dick, she’d tell them straight, and that’s what I love about her. She also lives life to the fullest which is something that I want to adopt into my life, too.

Ran Kotobuki from Gals manga

“Now, for real gals, the golden rule is ‘seriously have fun living!’ Devote yourself to being flashy! Devote yourself to having fun! Devote yourself to smiling big!” – Ran Kotobuki

Friends will always be there for you

Whether it’s through small gestures like helping Miyu out with her part-time jobs or big ones where it involves beating up creepy men, they (Ran, Miyu & Aya) are always there for each other. And when *SPOILER* Miyu’s mum walked out on her and left her homeless, her boyfriend (Ran’s brother) immediately stepped in and offered her a home. Gals! always reminds us just how important friendship is – it makes the world go around!

I finally found someone relatable

And that someone was in the form of Aya Hoshino. Finally there was a gyaru who wasn’t super outgoing and had dark hair, just like me! And while I hate how Otohata treated her (eurgh), he did help develop Aya’s character which I felt was really missed out in the anime. The manga version of Aya is SO much better, and that’s the version I love.

The fashion

The hair, the makeup, the clothes… All of the gals looked super flashy and fashionable for the time of the publication, and they are a huge inspiration to this 90s flashback that we’re going through in the gyaru world right now.

gals manga

What do you love about Gals! (or Super Gals!)?

Lizzie xx

What do you think?

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  • Jull
    March 23, 2019

    Gals! was my introduction to Gyaru fashion so to me the girls from the comic always were the pinnacle of what Gyaru was meant to be~ I really like how the show illustrated the importance of friendship above anything and how Gyaru is meant to help you come out of your shell and have fun!
    My favourite character was Mami though. Her style was fun yet mature and I just genuinely enjoyed her appearances.

    • hellolizziebee
      March 23, 2019

      Yes I totally agree with you – friendship is super important to gals, and it’s so nice to hang out with people who are into the same things!

      Aah I really liked Mami, too! She was super stylish!

  • Felicia Karlsson
    March 23, 2019

    I love SuperGals/Gals, it is my fav manga and anime!
    I have watched it like 5 times and I have read it like 2 times, and I agree on everything you say about their fashion, makeup, hair and especially their friendships!
    My fav characters are Ran, Miyu, and Aya, I love how they help people and how they are there for each other no matter what, and they don´t let other people boss them around or look down on them!

    Have an awesome evening/night!

    • hellolizziebee
      March 24, 2019

      Yes, mine too! I can read it so many times and still learn something new from it, and they are the golden trio! Thank you so much!

  • Kieli
    April 1, 2019

    Super Gals will always be my number 1 anime and manga! It’s everything you said! It gets me so pumped too! I especially love to rewatch it in the summer. Ran, Aya and Miyu are just so inspiring and make me want to wear all kinds of Gyaru! It’s so funny that I used to think I related to Aya but I’m definitely more Miyu. XD But yes, you are def Aya! <3

    • hellolizziebee
      April 1, 2019

      Yes, mine too! It’s just so lighthearted and fun but there are so many ‘deeper’ parts to it, and it always makes me feel super inspired after reading it. Awh really? That’s so cute! Maybe our collab could be for me to dress up as Aya, and for you to do Miyu…? *3*

  • Liz
    June 7, 2021

    You are so right! Ran is around my age and she is my
    Inspiration fashion and all! Also, FINALLY SOMEONE WHO AGREES REI TREATED AYA LIKE CRAP!!! Gals! Is a huge reason I became gyaru!