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8 Things I’m Going to Do Once Lockdown is Over

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Lockdown is all fun and games until you’re about a month in and there’s nothing left to watch on Netflix and no new TikTok dances to fail at. I’ve taken this time to read books and taking a time-out from the world, but I’ve been missing seeing my friends and family terribly. So to get me through this lockdown lull, I’ve compiled a list of 8 things that I’m going to do as soon as it all blows over!

Cook up a feast with my family

I’m talking spring rolls, duck pancakes, king prawns, dumplings, nian gao… The lot. As soon as lockdown is over I’m going to go straight to my mum’s and cook up a massive feast with her (or try to, at least). 

Organise a gyaru meet

Gosh it’s been so long since I last saw my QueenE gals and I miss them so much, so a gal meet is definitely in order once all of this lockdown blows over! I really loved our Christmas sleepover we did a couple of years ago and want to do that again – and learn some more parapara dances with them!

Drown myself in bubble tea

Not quite literally BUT I’m going to head straight over to Bubble Boba to have some of that well-missed boba goodness, and play Mario Kart while I’m at it (and maybe scoffing on some bubble waffle at the same time!) I miss this cafe so, so much! I have bought some boba and syrups from them to make my own at home, but it’s not the same as going into a cafe with a friend or two and catching up over some bubble tea.

Go out for a photoshoot

I didn’t realise how much I loved going out in cute outfits and taking cute pics until I was unable to do that anymore. I was really, really miserable for the first few weekends of lockdown as all I’ve been doing is dress up, take photos for the internet, and then rolling back into my pjs. This has left me with a bunch of clothes that I want to wear again – like this leopard print x flower strapless dress* gifted from Femmeluxe – so I can’t wait to take some proper blog photos! I’ve been putting together a list of places I want to go to with my blogging buddy Isobel as soon as we’ve been given the go-ahead in the meantime to keep me sane. 

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dress: femmeluxe* / heels: primark / belt: golds infinity / necklace: prettylittlething* / earrings: primark (similar*) / bag: michael kors (similar + cheaper alternative*)

Go to Coco Ichibanya

I went here a few years ago and I LOVED it, and have been wanting to take my bestie Amy there ever since. I’ve been craving katsu curry and even though I can cook it at home, it just doesn’t taste the same. Plus their portions are huge and oh my gosh I am drooling.

Afternoon Teaaaaaa

Oh my gosh. Afternoon tea. I NEED it. I knew that I should’ve gone when I had the chance but OH NO my motivation decided to yeet itself out of the window and then lockdown came around and I haven’t been able to go out for afternoon tea since. Gutted. I have started writing about the cute cafes I’ve been to in my new series “Cute Cafe Dates” and I can’t wait to write new memories.

Take a road trip to York and Edinburgh

Me and my hubby were going to take a lovely road trip to York and Edinburgh for our anniversary but it, unfortunately, got cancelled… I’m still pretty upset about it to be honest but at least I have more time to plan to make it the perfect anniversary for the both of us! (And plus it gives me more time to plan cute outfits for it haha).

Have a picnic at a National Trust

I had a picnic with some of my besties at a National Trust last summer and I want to relive those happy memories again. We’ve been slowly ticking off National Trust places but there are still so many to explore!

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What’re you looking forward to doing once lockdown is over?

Lizzie xx

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