This is Halloween!

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Happy Halloween everyone! I’m so happy that it’s finally here, but also sad because now we only have a day or two left of it before it’s deemed unacceptable to be spooky. It’s crazy how that happens, but that’s life – apart from those who (like me) believe that Halloween is everyday and you should be allowed to express yourself no matter what! I feel like one of those creatures in The Nightmare Before Christmas; now it’s only 364 days until next Halloween!

Next year I want to be more organised and less stressed. I thought I was organised but I found myself rushing around for last-minute decorations on the same day that I was hosting a Halloween party. I still can’t bake to save my life so I grabbed some goodies from Tesco instead. There were some creepy cupcakes, zombie doughnuts from Krispy Kreme and Ghostbuster-themed Twinkies! I would’ve loved to have bought more but I think we would’ve died from sugar overload. It was fun, though, but I wished that the U.K. was as enthusiastic about Halloween that they are in America because it would’ve helped out so much when it came to buying decorations. I also hosted the Halloween party at work and just bought everything from Asda haha, but for mine I made some, bought some from eBay, and the rest were from local supermarkets and bargain stores.

indoor halloween decorations, bats, witchy

indoor halloween decorations, bats, witchy

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All of my stress melted away when my friends arrived for my Halloween party. Five minutes prior to that I was messing around with my Sailor Moon wig and boy it felt like it was crushing my skull and that was without any clips at the back. Remind me to never wear a wig again haha. I did like my overall look but I want to do something spookier next time.  My friends all looked awesome, and I wished I had taken more photos but I was too busy knocking back shots of Valhalla (tip: don’t do this because it makes you feel like your belly is on fire). I had created a little Halloween trivia quiz but very few people actually got the answers right which just made everything funnier! I’ll definitely make my questions easier next time. We then had pizza and played the five-second rule game which is hilarious when you’re rather drunk, and the rest was a blur! I loved it.

The best part about Halloween? Aside from chilling out with your ghoul squad, being able to express yourself without it being weird was an amazing feeling. Throughout the week it was totally acceptable to wear crazy makeup and crazy clothing, and even at work I got away with wearing my batwing headband that I wore in this previous post. It has brought out my dark side and suddenly I was transported back to the time when I loved being dark and spooky… I’ve been incorporating it into my gyaru look lately and I hope this feeling lasts, but we’ll see!

What have you (or had you) got planned this Halloween? Did you go to any parties this year, dress up as spooky characters, or chilled out at home watching Halloween films? Can’t wait to hear how you celebrate it!

Until next Sunday ♡

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