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So there have been discussions lately about gyaru and the community and so I wanted to quickly just write some thoughts about it…

When I discovered gyaru I immediately fell in love; I loved everything about the way they looked and I wanted to look like them.

Which is why I don’t understand it when people approach gyaru but then say how they don’t want to do the makeup or the clothes and don’t want to style their hair…

And I’m like…

What is it about gyaru that you liked, then?

Some say that they just like the lifestyle part but in my opinion there isn’t really a strong lifestyle per say. People say how they like how confident and rebellious gals are but anyone can be rebellious and confident.

And sure gyaru like taking purikura and do parapara but doing those things don’t automatically make you gal.

For example – does me liking afternoon tea automatically make me Lolita?

And when it comes to substyles (and I think I wrote about this in an old post) but jp gals don’t really care about them. I feel like substyles are something us western gals care too much about.

So there’s no need to really create new substyles… Plus there are just so many ways to wear gal anyway?

And I feel like it’s not really up to us, as westerners, to be creating those substyles.

There are certain things that make you gal and if you want to change it all… Then what part of gal did you actually like in the end?

Those are just my thoughts on the matter.

What do you think?

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  • Blinnie
    March 5, 2024

    I feel like a lot of people really like what gyaru looks like but don’t want to fully commit to it. They love the tan, the make, the clothes, accessories and hair etc on others but maybe feel like it’s too difficult (e.g., hair and make) or unattainable (e.g., to get the clothes) for themselves.
    Or maybe they have the wrong understanding of what gyaru truly is which is why they think that picking and choosing certain parts of it and then doing it and calling it gyaru is fine. Maybe I’m wrong (about what they think), it’s just my perception ^^

    For me personally, I love absolutely everything about gyaru but I’m so bad at make-up that I keep it simple even though some days I’d love to go extra (I have hooded eyes and very little eye space and have started doing my make not so long ago, tips appreciated⁄ ▽ ⁄
    So I wouldn’t call myself gyaru at all, but I’m trying to get better at it, it’s a work in progress (^.~)☆
    So I understand those who feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the high-maintenance aspect, but then: if that’s something you really love and that you want for yourself, you’re surely going to find the right way for you to make it happen, even if it’s slow! And I think there’s nothing wrong with being gyaru-inspired as long as you’re aware of not being gyaru (not everyone can wear make or has the money and time to find brand clothes or gyaru offbrands items), is that controversial?
    What I don’t get are those who only pick and choose and then call it gyaru, but I think that just comes down to not being informed enough (even though there’s lots of blogs and videos about what gyaru is…)
    Just my two cents (⌒‿⌒)
    Have a wonderful rest of your week~

  • Sparklewolfie
    March 6, 2024

    I feel like this is common with a lot of subcultures. It’s possible to like a subculture style and only incorporating inspirations from it into your own style. Though it may not make you gyaru, it can be gyaru-inspired.

    If it interests you, perhaps you could do a gyaru basics series showing how to be gyaru without brand name clothing? And beginner-friendly hair/make. As a non-gyaru, I enjoy gyaru content but honestly don’t always know where the line is between gyaru and non as some of the lighter hair/make would sometimes strike me as non-gyaru but it actually is gyaru.

    Anyway, your blog is a great inspiration point for gaijin gyaru! 加油 on doing what you love and representing what you enjoy!

  • Amiman♥
    March 7, 2024

    Ooo asking the tough questions here lol. But really, you pose a great question, if you don’t want to do makeup or hair what is it that you like? What is it they’re trying to achieve? I agree with the other comments though, they likely admire everything about Gyaru but don’t want to do all of that. I think they should stay just that . . . admirers.

  • yuna
    March 7, 2024

    this is so true!! the recent westernization ish thing going on with himekaji, people saying that it’s only lifestyle based or that you only need a tan to be gyaru.. i’ve only been a gal for about a year so i don’t have a big voice on this compared to older gals but i feel like majority of people on tiktok who argue with gals about debunked things being true or saying they’re gonna throw on downturned eyeliner and call it a day aren’t people who are actually interested in gyaru, they just like using the term to make their aesthetics sound more froufrou.
    people who like the gal look but don’t wanna do it rlly just need to take 10 steps back😭the misinformation is getting insanee and the scalping for basic items that were probably 20-50 retail price is too. there’s no reason for people claim they’re gal while wanting nothing to do with it themselves😭😭

  • Womens Clothing
    March 15, 2024

    Totally hear you! I can see how confusing it might be when people say they like gyaru but then pick and choose what elements they want. Maybe sharing what gyaru truly means to you