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Trick or Treat! Halloween Goodies and Makeup Haul

Trick or Treat! Or, in my case, just the treat side of things. I couldn’t help myself searching for some Halloween goodies but I feel like the more I love Halloween, the less that shops stock of it. How typical is that? It’s mid-October but shops have reduced their Halloween accessories to but a single aisle and has been taken over by *whispers* glittery baubles and sparkly tinsel. That’s right, Christmas stuff. It’s probably a good thing because I’m desperately trying to save money right now, but I couldn’t help myself to a few bits and bobs as well as some makeup goodies.

TKMaxx: Marble Effect Skull Ornament / Claire’s Accessories: Pusheen Plushie, Mix Earrings, Multi Drop Cross Earrings / Primark: False nails and sweets / Urban Decay: Foundation, Blusher & Setting Spray / Too Faced: Blusher / Kat Von D: Compact Powder / Lush: Monsters’ Ball Bath Bomb, Pumpkin Bath Bomb, Bewitched Bubble Bar / Flying Tiger: Washi Tape & Skull Candle

I was over the moon when I saw that Claire’s Accessories had so many Halloween accessories and it was a challenge to not buy everything that they had. I left with just a cute Pusheen plushie and Halloween earrings. It was pricey, but worth it, and I can see myself wearing these earrings quite a lot as they are so perfect for rokku gyaru looks and general everyday wear.

I’ve never been to TKMaxx before but I regret not going any sooner as they had tons of Halloween home decor, which made me feel better about Primark which had hardly any. The blogger in me was dying to get the marble/gold skull head, and it went well with my white skull candle from Flying Tiger (how much you wanna bet that I’ll never light that up?). Tiger also sold these awesome Halloween washi tape that I’m now using to pack up my etsy orders.

Whilst Primark didn’t really have many Halloween accessories/clothes/etc, I did nab myself two sets of false nails to jazz up and gyaru-fy later as well as some sweets.

I’ve been wanting to expand my cruelty-free makeup selection so it was off to Debenhams to get my hands on some more Urban Decay, Too Faced and, for the first time ever, Kat Von D. I’ve never used setting spray before so it was one of the first things I got, and then it was a case of replacing my old makeup with some new ones.

My last point of call was Lush. I’ve been popping into Lush several times since last September to see if they had any Halloween bath bombs and it was only last weekend did they finally have some, and I quickly snapped up their Monster Bath Bomb, Pumpkin Bath Bomb and Bewitched Bath Bar. I can’t wait to use them all!

Aaaand that’s my haul! I have promised myself not to buy anything else Halloween related, and I’m doing good so far by avoiding the temptation for some cute bunting.

How have you treated yourself this Halloween? What are your plans for it?

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