Chilling with Hello Kitty – My Trip to Sanrio Puroland!

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I first fell in love with Hello Kitty when I was around 8 years old, sporting a little red and white t-shirt with her face emblazoned against it. But like all things do, I grew out of love with it, until it reappeared in my late teens and has stuck around ever since.

But to go to her world? That was a dream that soon became reality when I found myself walking down the pathway to Puroland, the home of all of the Sanrio characters that you could ever think of. We followed all of the incredibly obvious signs on where to go (e.g. the Hello Kitty banners, Sanrio town map, Pompompurin signs at the train station… You couldn’t really miss it) and after taking the typical snap of me looking like an excitable puppy in front of Puroland, we went in. Cinnamoroll was the star of the show as it was his 15th anniversary and everything was so on point – from the staff to the benches to the decor in general.

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lady kitty house

hello kitty carriage

The home of Hello Kitty

Our first stop was the Lady Kitty House where I got to meet my favourite character in the world, Hello Kitty! Her house was as cute as the whole land was and I was just so happy. We had to wait a little while but we were thankful that it was the first thing I did – the queues grew at a rapid pace behind us! We went in small groups, allowing us to take plenty of photos within. I just loved how coordinated everything and could’ve stayed there for so much longer!

Afterwards I went off to explore the area and there was just so much to see! There was My Melody’s house, lots of little cafes, live shows, a place where there was this huge bouncy castle (and I mean huge), and areas where you could have “boat rides” through the theme park. Unfortunately I missed out on this as the queues were way too long so I went to check out the rest of the area instead.

sanrio bouncy castle

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sanrio world restaurant

my melody house

my melody boat ride

cinnamoroll dream cafe, dessert, kawaii

I didn’t realise just how much I loved Sanrio until it took every fibre of my being not to buy everything in all of the stores. Yep, they had more than one store which was dangerous for shopaholics like myself. Convenient, though, as all of the stores were themed so there was one dedicated to just Little Twin Stars and another to My Melody, but I was lazy and just shopped at the Entrance shop where it had bits from all of the characters. I’ll be uploading my haul in another massive Japan haul post, so keep your eyes peeled!

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Any Sanrio fans here? What are your favourite characters? Mine are: Hello Kitty, My Melody, Cinnamoroll and then Little Twin Stars.

Lizzie xx

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