Uni Meal

Hello again!
Sorry I haven’t updated in a while… Haven’t really been feeling inspired to write a blog post OTL.
But anyways, seeing as I’m so behind in things I thought I’d make a quick post of my meal with uni people~ It was during the really hot summer days (although now it’s raining, again ;_;) and I decided to wear my new MA*RS dress for the occasion! I’ve been slowly building up my brand wardrobe tehe~

Unfortunately the day before I had obtained a collection of blisters all over my feet from my new shoes, so I wasn’t able to wear heels and had to wear OTK socks so that people won’t realise that I had plasters all over ;_; So I wasn’t feeling quite as great about the meal as I should’ve done ><

I wanted to curl my hair as it has been a long time since I’ve done so… And now I remember why I didn’t do it anymore OTL. It takes SO long to do! >< But surprisingly I was patient with it and didn’t rush at the very end just to get it over and done with.

My eye make~ Sorry that it’s so blurry!

MA*RS dress, Primark OTK socks, Dorothy Perkins flats. 

And then one last picture~

On another note, I am hoping to blog a lil’ more over the summer holidays and doll up more to experiment with new styles. So hopefully my next blog post would be better than this one! ><


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