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Hey cutie, how are you? ♡

It’s that time of year again where I think about my blog…

My hosting and domain name are super expensive because of being on wordpress (hosting at the moment is £173 a year, and my domain name is something like £30 a year) and it makes me regret switching from blogger but there’s nothing I can really do about that now.

There are cheaper hosting sites out there but cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better…

So I guess I should probably just stick to this blog and come to terms with the fact that blogging is an expensive hobby ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

Because even if I ditch this blog I’d still have to pay to keep it running so I might as well just keep being active on this instead of creating a new blog.

Dw I’m not looking for solutions – I just wanted a place to write my thoughts. I’ll figure something out ♡

Anyway I’ll speak to you soon!

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