Warner Bros. Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter

I finally did the thing; I went to Warner Bros. Studios aka the Harry Potter studios in London! It was one of the best days of my life, and I feel happy just thinking about it! Getting up at the crack of dawn was so worth it, and I thank whoever created makeup because it was a lifesaver for covering up how tired I actually felt. I channelled Ravenclaw vibes I opted for my blue dress and white pompoms for the Swankiss-inspired look. I’ve been obsessed with these hair ties lately, and I can definitely see myself wearing them more often.

gaijin gyaru, swankiss, ravenclaw, harry potter studio tour

When my friends and I arrived it was surprisingly quiet, so we took the chance to take a few photos outside before heading in and exploring the Harry Potter gift shop. It was amazing. I wish I could’ve bought the whole shop but alas, I’m not a billionaire. Joining the queue to get into the studio didn’t take long either, and soon I was snapping away as an assistant welcomed use to Hogwarts (much like Professor McGonagall did) and we waltzed into the Great Hall and beyond.

the great hall
pic taken by a friend

hogwarts teachers

dumbledore's office

gryffindor common room

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hogwarts express, train

After a few hours we reached the halfway point where there was a cafe and I drank Butterbeer for the first time. It was extremely sickly, like drinking a whole cup of sugar but it’s definitely something you just have to drink. They also made some ice cream with Butterbeer which I’d highly recommend as it was a lot nicer and less of a heart attack. Beyond the cafe was the outside world where they had the Knight Bus, the house of the Potters, Sirius’s bike, Mr Weasley’s car, and much more before you were back inside to see the production of all of the magical creatures and Hogwarts itself. It was amazing just how much work went into one thing! Did you know that all of those wand boxes in Olliviander’s were made individually and someone had to hand write names onto each box? Crazy!


knight bus

house of the potters

sirius bike, sirius black

goblin head molds

hogsmeade plans

hogwarts, studio tour, harry potter

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And that was the end of the tour! It ended on such a brilliant note, I didn’t want to leave! I really want to go there again. So what do you think, guys and gals? Would you want to go?

Until next Sunday!

Lizzie xx

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