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Ever get that feeling where you don’t really fit into a particular style? I’ve been feeling this for so long that it’s become normal for me. I have tried sticking to one style, but the more I told myself to do that, the more I rebelled against it until it got to a point where I was a chaotic mess. I just couldn’t make my mind up! I kept creating posts saying, “from now on I’m going to do X style!” But then I changed drastically almost as soon as I posted it. It was so annoying!

So now I’ve come to terms with what I truly am – a style chameleon. I’ve always known I was one but I didn’t really want to face it… Accepting this made me feel so much better! Don’t get me wrong, I do envy gyaru who strongly stick to one style and rock it, but that didn’t work out for me. Agejo was the only style that lasted more than a few days (it actually turned into a few years) and I’m still going strong with it but I tend to dabble with other styles every now and then.

This made me think back to when I first found gyaru and tried out lots of different styles, so I went through my whole blog and put together a collage of each of my favourite outfits & selfies from my favourite styles.

Now let’s start with… Agejo!

This is hands-down my favourite style, and it was so difficult to choose which were my favourite outfits! I would love to do agejo more, but it’s difficult because I’m slowly running out of MA*RS tehe. Fingers crossed that I can adapt my “normal” non-brand clothes into it! The portrait on the left is probably more of a hime/agejo crossover, but I loved it so much that I had to include it.

I’ve been doing a lot of himekaji recently – I can’t wait to do it more! I want to go more over-the-top with my makeup and hair though, like they LL gals used to back in the day. Thank goodness for places like Kawaii Gyaru Shop where it’s just so easy to buy LL items! I would love to try out Ank Rouge though.

I’ve been doing onee a lot more this year because of work and I have to say that I’m really starting to like it! I want to try and jazz it up a bit more though, so that I could look fabulous like Shizuka Muto.

I went through a phase where I really liked oraora because of the
magazine Soul Sister, but unfortunately it was only good for the summer
so I went off it after a few months! I haven’t tried it since then, and
I’m not too sure it’s really my thing anymore.

Rokku was one of the first styles I fell in love with, but the one I didn’t do a lot of! I don’t have many photos of me doing rokku which is a shame really.

I’ve only tried kogal once! It’s not really my thing, but it was quite fun to do!

One thing I noticed whilst doing this was that quite a lot of these pictures for the styles other than agejo were from before I started getting into it. You could tell they’re old because I wore circle lens back then! I guess this is a downside to having just one style…

So, what next Lizzie?
This post allowed me to realise where my style was headed and which styles I can ditch. I don’t think I’ll ever do oraora, rokku or kogal again because they just don’t feel me anymore, and I think that I’m headed into the more himekaji & agejo direction. It’s nice though because after writing this post I managed to completely empty my wardrobe and sort out the clothes I can chuck and those I can sell. Now I can focus on something more “me”.
Another thing is that I’m not focused on “improving” anymore because I’m more comfortable with my style, and I would rather be happy with myself then stress out at the fact that I’m still pretty crap at my hair etc. I just wanna’ go with the flow! Even if I go at turtle pace in terms of improvement, I don’t mind.

I think that the most important thing at the end of the day is to wear what you love and have fun!

Which style is your favourite? Do you have a particular one, or are you a chameleon like me?

Until next time!

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