Wedding hair trial!

Hey cutie! How are you?

So this is going to be a private post so that the groom doesn’t see… But I wanted to write about when we had our hair trial for my lovely Lauren’s wedding! I haven’t had my hair styled by someone else since my wedding (apart from getting it cut obvs) and it was a lovely feeling. If only we did hair sets here like they do in Japan…

(no longer private as the wedding has passed!)

My baby came along and she was so well behaved and loved having cuddles with Lauren and Rachel we had to distract her with videos of dancing fruit though as I couldn’t hold her while I was getting my hair done.

The hairstyle the bridesmaids are going to have is an intricate updo Mine was a challenge because my hair is so long and thick haha

Lauren is having hers curled in a half updo! Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to take pics… So you’ll have to wait until the wedding

We were there for maybe 3 hours and were starving afterwards so went to grab brunch I had a full English for the first time in ages! The last time I had it was the day I was induced

Then it was time to head home! This was my btw

And that’s all for now! Speak soon

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  • Sparklewolfie
    February 21, 2024

    WOW that looks intricate!!
    You look lovely 🧡 I bet the whole wedding party will look gorgeous~