Weekly Gyaru themes – week two!


Hey guys! ^^

Today I decided to upload a picture of what I did for week two of this Gyaru theme that I do with Katie, and looking back I noticed that I could’ve done waaay better or taken better pictures >_<”
This week’s one was:

And this is what I did ^^ I forgot to take a piccie of my outfit though ;________;

(I look horrible o_e)

I couldn’t take a decent picture of me wearing my new Sleek contouring kit, but I do think that it’s very good! ^^ the higlighter is slightly glittery which picks up the light reall well 🙂

I’m getting slightly fed up of curling my hair all of the time… Anyone got any hair ideas that doesn’t concern curling one’s hair? ^^

That’s all for today <3

Lizzie <333

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