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How to Do Gyaru Makeup for Westerners

UK Gals Nelly, Karen and Lizzie

There are endless archives of gyaru makeup tutorials out there; whether it be through old magazine scans, on Pinterest, or on YouTube, but it can be disheartening to read/watch when you have Western features. You might feel like it is impossible to do gyaru when you’re not Asian but I’m here to hold your hand and to tell you, gently, that you’re wrong. It is possible for us to do gyaru makeup, and I’ve gathered some Western gyaru makeup tutorials that my fellow gaijin gyaru (non-Japanese gyaru) have done, and left their links in case you want to check out their blogs/YouTube channels… So, enjoy!

Western Gyaru Makeup Tutorial

One of my circle sisters’ Danielle created this dramatic eye makeup tutorial which is great for hime gyaru looks, especially because of the way she’s filled in the black section on the bottom to make the eyes look bigger!

Gyaru Eye Makeup Tutorial

This is one of my favourite makeup tutorials by a gaijin gyaru, and even though Nino isn’t gyaru anymore (sadly) she’s left a legacy behind by creating this amazing tutorial (full details here).

Gal VIP Magazine

Back in the day us gaijin gyaru – Western gals/non-Japanese gals – worked on our own magazine for Gal VIP! It was one of the best things that ever happened in our gaijin gyaru community because it brought us together on one big project. This is a screenshot of one of many tutorials in the Gal VIP magazine, which you can read here.

Manba Makeup

Manba is one of the original forms of gal, and it is so wild and OTT which is why I love it when Western gals do it! I especially loved this tutorial by French gaijin gyaru Ly.

Dark Gyaru Makeup Tutorial

I’m so glad that I managed to find this because I couldn’t find a lot of black gals doing makeup tutorials (apart from Lolo and Miyabi in Gal VIP), and this one is super cute! Would look so good with agejo. You can read more here on Angie’s blog.

Pink Dolly Tutorial

This is a picture version of this pink dolly tutorial by Lhouraiili, who does really dramatic gyaru makeup! It’s great for those who love a bit of colour in their makeup.

Smoky Purple Makeup Tutorial

This one was created by Xin Hui and is great for those who want to venture into the darker sides of gyaru like rokku or even oraora. Their URL has changed from the picture so here’s the original link!

Onee Gyaru Makeup Tutorial

This onee gyaru makeup tutorial is from fellow bloggers EmixLea! I absolutely love how soft her makeup is and it is a good example of how to do gyaru when you’re at work or university. Click here to read her post about it!

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Gyaru Makeup Tutorial (Without Circle Lens)

I mean, did you really think I would miss out on including my own makeup tutorial? This one is for those who can’t wear circle lens. Click here for more details.

Rokku Gyaru Tutorial

My girl Rachel who is also from QueenE did a rokku gyaru tutorial with really bright and bold colours, which is great for those who want to do more dramatic makeup! She’s also included how she does her contour which is super helpful.

How to Add Bold Colours to Your Eye Makeup

Kelsey, aka NefariouslyCute, has created a quick and easy tutorial on how to add bold colours to your eye makeup, which is great for manba (and she does it so well!)

YouTube Tutorials

There are so many amazing tutorials on YouTube so I collected my favourites that I thought were different enough to each other. Instead of spamming you with links, I’ve embedded the videos into this post so that you can just click on it if you want to explore more of their YouTube channels.

And there we have it! I’ll be updating this post every now and then when I find new Western gyaru makeup tutorials to add. Please let me know if you need any more help!

What do you think? Which one would you try out?

Lizzie xx

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