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What ‘Get Wild and Be Sexy’ Means to Me

‘Get wild and be sexy!’ is one of our most famous gyaru taglines, and originated from EGG magazine (a famous gyaru magazine which boomed in the 90s) and was also featured in this parapara video with gyaru goddesses Yumachi, Aina, and Yunkoro. It describes everything a gyaru should be – from our outrageous clothing to our extroverted mannerisms. But I’ve always struggled with the concept of that tagline as I’ve always classed myself as a more introverted gal, so today I’ve done a collab with the wonderful Reila from The Name I Love on what it means to us (I will drop a link to her blog post at the bottom for you to read her POV!)

houndstooth trousers: forever21 / trainers: new look / bag: collectif /top: missguided / accessories: ma*rs + new look

What “get wild and be sexy” means to me…

Being comfortable in my own skin

Finding my confidence was one of the hardest things in my gyaru life, especially when wearing it in public, but that’s what comes with wearing something outside of the norm. But there’s nothing sexier than being comfortable with how you look and feel – whether you’re head-to-toe in brand items or wearing nothing but clothes from your local store. I felt super sexy in this outfit I was wearing in this post, even though all items came straight from Boohoo and Missguided, all because I was comfortable in my own skin and flaunted my style (and had that sliver of skin showing around my midriff)!

Being my unapologetic self

I used to hide the ‘real me’ when it comes to my workplace, but over the past year I’ve come out of my shell and now people know me for being quirky and fun! They didn’t even bat a eyelid when I rocked up in my pink Hello Kitty onesie and I absolutely love that about them. I wouldn’t have dreamed about being my true self and for embracing my passions if it wasn’t for gyaru – sure, it’s ‘just clothes’, but it allowed me to build up my confidence (as mentioned above) and say “yep, this is me!”

Wearing flashy clothes + accessories

No matter what substyle you’re into, whether it’s something as casual as himekaji or dramatic as manba, gyaru is flashy and that’s why I love it so much. I always feel like I’m the queen of the world whenever I step out in my gyaru gear!

Doing karaoke with my gals (with a cocktail in hand)

This is more to do with the ‘get wild’ part, but I always feel wild when I’m belting out some awful karaoke with a cocktail in hand. If I were a bit more extroverted then I would say that going out to nightclubs and dancing the night away would make me feel more ‘wild’, but alas, I am a bit of an introvert so being in a private room singing karaoke is so much better for me.

What does “get wild and be sexy!” mean to you?

Click here to read my friend Reila’s post on what ‘get wild and be sexy!’ means to her!

Lizzie xx

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