What I Love About Halloween

halloween, pumpkin carving

I can’t believe Halloween is only a few days away! Where has the time gone? As I write this post I haven’t yet watched a single Halloween film *gasps of horror* but I really hope that by the time this goes live that I would’ve seen at least one.

There are so many things that I love about Halloween and I’m surprised that I haven’t dedicated a whole post to it. Better late then never, aye? So here’s what I love about Halloween!


Maz & I at our latest gyaru meet! Pic from Maz
Friday Fright & Halloween Night!
Let’s Get Spooky at Warwick Castle!


What I Love About Halloween

Halloween-themed Gyaru Meets & Parties

There’s nothing quite like having a Halloween-themed gal meet or party, and it’s so nice to see people going over the top with their costumes! Sometimes the weather isn’t on our side (like in our last meet – it was freezing!) and it’s cool to see how people adapt to that. I usually get stuck on what to wear for Halloween as the inspirations are endless, and I did a little gyaru inspiration post over here.

Ghost Tours and Castles

Last year I went to Warwick Castle and I LOVED IT! It was so cool to see the whole castle decorated in spooky gear and I took so many photos that it was hard to whittle them down for my post about it. This year I went on Bill Spectres Ghost Tour with my gals and that was also pretty awesome!

skeleton maxi, halloween costume, rokku gyaru, gyaru

skeleton maxi, halloween costume, rokku gyaru, alternative fashion

halloween gyaru nails


Creepy Clothes

I use Halloween as an opportunity to revamp my rokku gyaru wardrobe, and places like ASOS and H&M are the first places I go for this. My “costume” this year was just a skeleton maxi dress from Boohoo that I’m going to keep on wearing throughout the year.

The Gyaru Nails

The colour scheme for Halloween is endless; you could go for the elegant look with purples and blacks, or for a more “fun” look with oranges, greens and purples. The possibilities for gyaru nails are just endless, and I find that people go really creative! This year I jazzed up some spiderweb nails from Primark with lots of glitter and gems.

halloween treats
This is Halloween!

The Spooky Tunes

I feel like I play a little game to see how many times I could play “This is Halloween” before my other half gets bored of it. Ghostbusters is always on my Halloween playlist as well as Thriller and The Addams Family. And you can’t have a Halloween playlist without the Monster Mash being on there!

The Not-So-Spooky Films

One of my favourite films of all time is Hocus Pocus, and you know it’s Halloween when it’s available on TV. I also like watching Nightmare Before Christmas and The Addams Family… I’m hoping to squeeze in some more Halloween films fit for people who aren’t fans of scary ones. Got any recommendations?

Discounted Sweets & Treats

Halloween means that lots of sweets are on sale, and often at discount prices, of which I take full advantage of! I mean, it’s not just for trick or treaters, you know? I also love the Halloween themed donuts that they bring out at Krispy Kreme, especially the ones from last year that I had at my Halloween party (even though they’re not as cute as the ones I’ve seen them do in Japan.)

This is Halloween!

The Aesthetics

Should I go for zombies, skeletons or a more witchy theme this year? There’s just so much that you can do for Halloween and I love how I can just go all out and buy lots of house decor and party decorations to match it. Even with Halloween over, the decor is also good for those who are into rokku and the more gothic-side of gyaru and they soon become year-round house decorations.

Pumpkin Carving

Does anyone else find it very satisfying pulling pumpkin guts out? It did make quite a mess with my false nails but I loved carving with my friends this year.

And there we have it! What do you love about Halloween and how would you celebrate? Hope you have a spooktacular time!

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  • Isobel Thomas
    April 12, 2019

    I love pumpkin carving and going to pumpkin patches! I want to do loads of Halloween things during October! You look lovely here girl! I’ll have to go Warwick castle during October!

    Isobel x


  • Emily Harrison
    April 12, 2019

    I love Halloween too! So so much, you look gorgeous in these pics Lizzie! I am already wanting to watch hocus pocus xx

  • Life With 2 Tots
    April 12, 2019

    This is one 100% my favourite time of year it never used to be until I had my kids! We’ve decorated the house all Halloween today haha!! I’m so glad your blog was introduced to me I love your whole vibe Lizzie!xxx

  • Emily Tyler
    April 12, 2019

    I adore Halloween, my favourite time of year too! I’m already wearing my broached and skirts that reflect the season! planning is in full swing!

    Insta @coventrylife
    Twitter @lifecoventry

  • Gemma Turley
    April 12, 2019

    I love Halloween so much, watching the films, decorating the house and just all the fun. I love it all! Especially watching Hocus Pocus on the TV, though tbh I love that film so much I watch it all year.