What I Miss About Gyaru

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Throwback to JEWEL’s first gyaru meet!

To say that gyaru has changed in the last few years is an understatement; nowadays it’s totally unrecognisable, but hints of the old scene still lurks within the makeup. I’ve been watching this all happen and I used to get so riled up about how it isn’t what it once was but now I’ve learnt that it’ll never be like that again, and what we’ve got to do is just adapt with the times and see how it goes.

There are still a few things that I miss, though, and at the last gyaru meet Wib and I were chatting about everything that we missed about it. Thus I’ve compiled a little list of the top five things that I miss!

01. Gyaru Circles

I’ve been in quite a few circles and always get the same heartbroken feeling when they fall apart. The UK is just too small for a circle and people always flitter in and out of styles like no tomorrow. Lately the community has been getting stronger so there’s hope that there will be another, and it doesn’t make me feel alone. I remember the first time I joined a circle and I was so willing to impress my peers and do my very best to improve! Being in a circle made me feel like I belonged somewhere (and it was cool to tell other gyaru that I was in a circle tehe).

purikura, gyaru, gaijin gyaru
Throwback: Easter Meetup!

02. Purikura

There used to be quite a fair amount of purikura machines in London but now that building has been knocked down and all of the machines along with it. I didn’t care that it was extremely expensive – I loved taking them with my gyaru friends! Luckily they’re still a thing in Japan although it does suck that it’s not the same over here. At least we have our deco apps, right?

03. Parapara

I never really got the hang of this but I wish it was a big thing (plus it kinda’ counts as exercise, right?). Gyaru used to do parapara so much that the chances of you being in a circle if you couldn’t do it were slim (however, not in all cases). The only routine I still remember is Night of Fire which is super cringey, although there was a time where I knew about three different routines.

hime gyaru, la pafait
La pafait, such sweet hime gyaru goodness

04. Old gyaru brands

Some gyaru brands still exist but they’ve watered down so much that they’re starting to look like things you could get from anywhere (*cough*d.i.a*cough*). Once in a blue moon they might release something interesting but gyaru brands aren’t gaining enough traction to keep going for long. So many brands have disappeared, and most of them were very over-the-top, so I am thankful that MA*RS is still around. Let’s take a moment of silence for the old Golds Infinity, La Pafait (I think that died but I’m not too sure as they still have a website), Ghost of Harlem, TuTuHa… You know it’s getting depressing listing them all. R.I.P old gyaru brands.

05. Having fun

Gosh I used to have so much fun with gyaru but now I just take it way too seriously, and that needs to stop! I just get the impression that if you do something wrong then that’s it, your gyaru life is over (well, online anyway) whereas I should be experimenting more. My advice to all newbies out there – don’t be like me. Experiment as much as you can!

So that’s my top five things that I miss about gyaru, what are yours? Or is there a substyle that you’re interested in that has changed a lot lately? Let me know in the comments below!

Lizzie Bee xx

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  • Sarah Nobbs
    April 12, 2019

    To say I was heartbroken when Glavil disappeared was an understatement! It was my favorite brand, and it was one of my biggest dreams to go to their store in Japan, so when I found out it closed, that I had missed my opportunity forever, I was actually so devastated I shed a tear! But it made me realize, we have to make the most out of what we have, when we have it. I can still buy old school Glavil online, I still have my collection of it, and I can still go to Japan and visit the 109 store and browse the other shops there. And that’s still something.