What Not to Say to Gyaru

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I would like to say that I have never experienced stupid comments in my gyaru life but that would be a huge lie. We are surrounded by some really ignorant people and it can get frustrating, and sometimes I can’t help but let my polite facade slip and grimace. There are a few things that I get asked/commented about that really grinds my gears, so below I’ve highlighted on things not to say to gyaru when you see one for the first time…

gyaru, gyaru blogger

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What not to say to gyaru

01. So, what’s your cosplay about?

Repeat after me: gyaru is not cosplay. It’s not a costume, it’s fashion. Some might even say that gyaru is a lifestyle. Calling it a costume degrades it into a tacky play thing that you do on Halloween.

02. Why do you wear so much makeup? You look beautiful without it!

You know, you’re right, we are beautiful without it so we might as well just throw all of that makeup out of the window said no one ever. Who cares if we’re beautiful without it – we’re beautiful with it, too! I think people forget that we don’t actually give a crap what other people think – we wear gyaru makeup because we want to.

03. So cute! You look like an anime doll!

If I could have ££ for every time someone says that I’m trying to be an “anime doll” I would be swimming in money right now. Which would be quite nice as it would fund my gyaru wardrobe.

04. Isn’t that Blackface?

Gyaru isn’t blackface. Gyaru was created as a rebellion against the Japanese ideal image of having perfect white skin and black hair. Gyaru took a 180 turn by tanning their skin and bleaching their hair. It has nothing to do with trying to adopt another culture and bastardise it.

05. Why do you dress like that?

Because we want to, duh. I didn’t spend £££ to wear this for the lolz.

So, what kinda’ things have people said to you that annoyed you?

Let me know your experiences in the comments below! I’d love to know about it even if you’re into a different alternative style as us gyaru can’t be the only ones who have been asked stupid questions.

Lizzie Bee xx

What not to say to gyaru by hellolizziebee
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1 Comment
  • Elodie Joriot
    April 12, 2019

    Omg!! I totally recognize the comments I could get myself ! About the 2 why people absolutely want to look natural ?? Every girls wear makeup so why make should be invisible ? If it exists it’s to be visible, isn’t it?
    About the 3) I hear that every day!! I love Sailor moon but really, I don’t see in what I look like an anime … I never seen an anime wearing Mars clothes! Lol!
    About the 4) I never hear it… because people I meet don’t know that
    About the 5) OMG!!! I hear that so often!! « And you, why do you wear this peer of jeans and this sweater?) also… I loooove the answer of Fearie Kanon! Lol!