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What to do…

Idk what to do with my youtube channel… I’ve recorded lots of vlogs where I’m going out with my friends to cafes and shopping etc but Idk if that’s the sort of thing people like watching?

So far I’ve edited two “days” into one video which is currently about 10 mins long, and was hoping to do a third day so it’ll most likely be about 15 mins long in total. Is that too long?

I know I shouldn’t care about these things and just post the videos that I want to post, but it does take aaages to edit lol. And it’s hard to get out of that “counting pageviews” mindset after blogging for so long where it was all I could think about.

So I’m feeling a little bit lost… @_@

I will probably post them anyway for the memories. Hmm.

Also, I’ll try and post another blog post soon! I’ve had a tiring couple of days so I don’t really have anything to share other than that I built a bathroom cabinet haha.

Speak soon ♡

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