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What’s in my bag?

my melody sanrio bag

I have never actually done one of these posts before because a) my bags tend to be pretty messy and b) I’m such a chameleon so I rarely use the same bag for more than a week. I change bags depending on my outfit, and most of the time they’re stashed in a corner somewhere with a pile of forgotten receipts (update: I have now tidied that corner and there are no more receipts, yay!).

I really wanted to do one this time especially because now I can finally bring out my prettier bags as the weather is warmer. I just love my My Melody bag* – I’m a huge fan of Sanrio and My Melody is one of my favourite characters alongside Hello Kitty and Little Twin Stars.

I take my mirror with me everywhere I go when I happen to be fully dolled up, hence why it’s looking a bit grubby at the moment. It sucks that they don’t sell any like this in the U.K. but when this one goes – and I’m praying not anytime soon – I’ll definitely hunt one down on eBay. I’m in love with everything Sanrio related so I had to use my My Melody purse & phone case.

I’m using my phone to take these photos so I’m showing the case in it’s place. I am so thankful for places like eBay – when I do go to Japan I’m going to buy as many cute cases as possible.

Of course you’ve got to have your eyelash glue handy just in case! Luckily my DUO one is quite strong so I haven’t really had to reapply it, but it’s Sod’s law that your lashes will fall off on the one day that you don’t have it with you. Tweezers are great for when you got to do your lower lashes, and a little bit of lip gloss goes a long way (I actually reviewed this one in a previous post).

And you know you’re British when you take your umbrella with you everywhere you go. I’ve learnt my lesson never to leave it at home as I got caught in a shower once without it and boy I was soaked. Never again! I actually got this really cute unicorn one from New Look; it’s not amazing but it’s okay in light rain. On the other side of the spectrum I’ve got my sunglasses for those ridiculously rare but bright days.

And those are my essentials! What are yours? Have you done similar posts? Share links in the comments below, I’d love to check them out (as I’m super nosy tehe).

Until next Sunday! ♡

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* You can get similar bags from Kawaii Gyaru Shop & get a discount with the code LIZBEE ♡

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