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How + Where to Buy Gyaru Brand Clothes

“Lizzie, where do you buy your gyaru brand clothes from?” “What shops do you buy from?” “Where did you get your MA*RS dress from?” Are the most frequently asked questions I receive on my socials, so today I’ve put all of my favourite shops all in one place. So read on for more info on where, and how, to buy gyaru brand…

updated: 27.02.2023

Before we begin however, I feel like I need to give you a lil’ bit of a warning especially if you are new to gyaru: gyaru is a (pretty much) dead fashion. Most of the brands we know and love don’t exist anymore, so it might be hard to find brand items. This is why I always recommend going for a certain aesthetic, e.g. “hibiscus skirt” to find things that could work with gyaru. I’d also recommend to do your research first and be specific about the brands and items you wanna invest in. Oh, and don’t ever scalp!!!!

Also, I didn’t buy directly from Japan until 2020. Yep – I spent the rest of my gal life just buying from my friends and through Facebook/Instagram. Shocking, right?

Okay, let’s get onto the list!

eBay + secondhand sites (depop, vinted etc)

I feel like I’m stating the obvious here, but apps like Depop are becoming and more popular for selling secondhand brands items. I’ve bought a few Liz Lisa pieces there, and have even listed clothes there myself. And, of course, eBay is always a good start but there are other apps that are quite similar like Vinted.

Gyaru Sales and other pages on Facebook

This is my favourite place to buy from, and in fact 90% of my gyaru wardrobe and magazines come from here. You don’t have to worry about things like shopping services and can buy directly from the individual, and people are usually honest about the condition the items they’re selling are in. This is where I buy most of my MA*RS items. I won’t link it as it’s a private group, but you can search for it when you log in on FB.

Tokyo Kawaii Life

This is the place if you want to buy new Liz Lisa (although, sadly, the new Liz Lisa isn’t gyaru anymore) but it’s incredibly easy to buy Liz Lisa items from. They ship internationally so no need to worry about getting a shopping service!

Emilie’s Sales on Facebook

Another place that sells secondhand Liz Lisa as well as other himekaji brands, often in immaculate condition. I bought a Liz Lisa jumpsuit from here and it arrived really quickly and in perfect condition.


Technically not where I buy gyaru brand, but this is where I bought some of my gyaru magazines including the latest EGG mook. No shopping service required, and you can purchase directly from their store. Easy peasy like lemon squeasy!


I have grown to love aliexpress. They don’t sell gyaru brand, but they are a goldmine for finding accessories and flashy false nails… And even lashes! Shipping does take an age but everything on there is super cheap. You might be able to find some pieces that look veeeeeery similar to gyaru brand. I just thought I’d include aliexpress because I use it a fair amount, despite them not selling gyaru brand lol.


Mercari is a Japanese website (kinda’ like eBay) so I’d recommend loading it up in Google Chrome. Here you will have to use a shopping service in order to purchase items. Please note: that shopping services often take a small fee (service fee) and you’d have to pay for two lots of shipping – one to the service, and then to your place.


I haven’t bought from Taobao in a very long time so unfortunately I’m unsure of how to use it nowadays, but it was the key place to get replica gyaru brand for a fraction of the price, and where the material was often a lil’ bit better than the real deal. Again, you’d need to use a shopping service for this (I used to use Taobaospree but I don’t know if they’re active anymore).

And there we have it! Hope that helps you when you want to buy gyaru brand.

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