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Cosy winter co*des + blog day with Isobel

I woke up at 4.30am and couldn’t sleep so I decided to write this blog post instead! This is the first time I’m blogging on my phone… It feels strange but I’m really hoping it’ll make things a lot easier! I quickly want to share with you my blog day with my bestie Isobel. We used to do these once a month but it’s been impossible during lockdown. We are now out of lockdown but things aren’t really back to normal so we tried our best!

We decided to shoot three outfits together so that we had plenty of winter content for Instagram, but when I arrived I found myself shaking uncontrollably because I was so hungry, so we went to grab some food first. We weren’t allowed to eat indoors so we ate in our cars.

♡ First winter co*de ♡

Then we took some photos in the car park. It was empty which was perfect for us! Also the sunlight was really beautiful and gave us the golden look.

Sweater: asos / skirt: can’t remember soz / boots and bag: ebay / hat: Liz Lisa

Really need to learn how to do new poses but at least I tried haha.

I went for a very cute and cosy look because of my mokomoko boom (or fuwa fuwa… I can’t figure out which is the correct term to use for this!)

♡ Second co*de ♡

Again, very cosy look! This didn’t turn out to be as himekaji as I wanted it to but oh well… At least I looked cute. I only took off a face mask for a split second in some of these pics! The lighting wasn’t as good though and we got kicked out as apparently you’re not allowed to take photos in the shopping mall. But they were very kind when they told us.

Skirt: can’t remember soz / everything else: from primark or ebay

♡ Third co*de ♡

This was the co*de I was most excited about as I wore my new Tralala hoodie! It’s my first Tralala item and I really want to buy more. Its very old school and I love it. Unfortunately I don’t really have any photos of this because we had a photoshoot session with Isobel’s friend so they’re all on his camera… So I will do another blog post with those photos!

Skirt: can’t remember soz / hat: Liz Lisa / hoodie: Tralala / everything else: from primark or ebay

After that it was time to go home. We swapped Christmas presents which I’ll be uploading on my YouTube channel very soon! I can’t wait to show you what she got for me. Isobel will also be doing a video of what I got for her! I hope she’ll like it…

♡ Today’s gets! (or get lol) ♡

I quickly popped into primark and got some individual lashes to use as lowers as I want to achieve Chie’s eye make style.

That’s all for today. Sorry for the long post haha. Until next time!

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