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What I'm Packing for My Winter Getaway

In all of my life, I have never traveled/went abroad in December (apart from that one really awkward holiday with an ex boyfriend’s family but let’s not talk about that…). I am a real creature of comfort so cold, rainy weather is a huge no-no for me. Like nah, I’d rather stay inside in the warmth, ta. But the thought of going to Germany – Munich to be precise – in Winter was exhilarating, and the past few weeks were spent chasing (lost) ASOS orders and running up and down the stairs of numerous shops to try and put together some wintery and comfy outfits. So here’s my winter holiday packing list!

A whole bunch of jumpers

This pile right here is actually been cut down; I was so very close to packing 7 jumpers – one for each day that I’m there – but then I realised that might be a bit too much, so I whittled it down to 4. I opted for ones with a high neck so that I can hide as many layers as I want underneath them, and my MA*RS one will be worn for the more casual days out just walking around the city centre.

Bottoms – two pairs of jeans, one black skirt

I thanked the universe that I still fit into my trusty black pair of jeans, as they go well with all of the jumpers that I’m packing! I’ve also packed a blue one to provide a bit of variety to my wardrobe (especially because I’ll be packing my black skirt, too). This skirt actually belongs to my sis and it’s just so versatile! It also doesn’t take up much room either which is amazing.

Thermals. All the thermals.

I couldn’t write a winter holiday packing list without including thermals! One of my friends, Ari, told me that she wore nude thermal tights under her patterned tights and my mind was b l o w n. I can’t believe I never thought of it before! So I grabbed this incredibly thick thermal leggings from eBay and yep, they’re going to do just fine. I’m also going to pack a pair of thinner leggings to wear under my jeans if necessary, and a couple of thermal tops (which, again, will be hidden beneath the high neck jumpers so no one will ever know!)


I can’t go on holiday – no matter the climate – without a couple of vests, and on this occasion they’d be the extra layer I need (should I need them). They’d also be great with just a jumper if I’m going to be staying indoors all day.

Super thick socks and some spare tights

I am packing as many thick socks as I can when I go away, because no one likes a pair of wet, cold socks when trekking through the snow. I’m also going to pack a couple of pairs of black tights to go over my nude thermal leggings when I want to wear my skirt.

Boots boots boots

I’m actually being sensible this time in taking hiking/walking boots with me *gasps*. I know, sensible Lizzie! I’m also going to take my trusty pair of knee-high boots that are made from leather which will my feet dry! I made sure that all of my outfits suited both of these boots, just in case.

A big puffy coat (or two)

I nabbed a super cute and puffy coat from Quiz while it was in the sale and oh my gosh it is so warm, aaaaand waterproof! (Well, it feels it anyway). I was going to take just that but then I realised that my black one would go better with some outfits, so I’ve packed that too. Oops.

Sunglasses & sun cream

I didn’t realise that I needed sunglasses until I noticed that a lot of bloggers wore them in their snowy photos, and that’s because sunlight bounces off snow like crazy. So I definitely need to remember to pack one! I might also take some sun cream with me as you can also get sunburnt too from the reflections.

Winter accessories

I’m packing a few different hat designs as it’s the easiest way to dress up an outfit without taking up too much room in your suitcase! Then I’m taking one white, and one black scarf, which will go with whatever hat I choose.

Winter skincare essentials

I’ll be writing a post about my winter skin care routine for battling my eczema/sensitive skin in another post, but you bet that I’m going to be taking all of the skincare essentials with me! I’m gonna pack my Aveeno moisturiser, cleanser, and at least one sheet mask so that I can chill out in the evenings (whilst watching some TikTok videos).

Everything else

I’ll be packing one belt that fits around my waist (which I can wear my sweater dress with) as well as my MA*RS belt to add a bit more flair to my outfits. My makeup bag is going to be very minimal and the only thing that will change my looks is probably my lippy colour and false lashes.

One-week winter holiday packing list – the rundown

And there we have it! I guess I’m packing quite a lot for my winter holiday, and maybe next time I go on a winter getaway I’d be more experienced and, hopefully, will make wiser shopping decisions tehe!

What would you pack for a winter holiday?

Lizzie xx

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