Yesstyle’s OOTD: Ghost of Harlem

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I wore rokku gyaru the other day as it had been a while since I’ve done it, and I just had to wear this Ghost of Harlem dress from Yesstyle. I’m so happy that they sell brands on their website, especially as it’s quite hard to get Japanese brand online without having to pay an extortionate amount. This is actually my first rokku-branded item (can you believe it?) and I kind of want to buy more now… But I’ve got to think about my bank. One day, Lizzie, one day!

It wasn’t ‘too’ cold to wear, seeing as we’re already closing in on December, but I can see myself layering this dress up with a sheer blouse underneath. Rokku is great for layering up and I could always switch up my New Look shoe boots for over-the-knee ones.

rokku gyaru, ootd, gaijin gyaru

ghost of harlem, alternative style, nu goth, gaijin gyaru

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gaijin gyaru, gyaru blog

Dress: Yesstyle / Shoe Boots: New Look / Cardigan: Long Tall Sally / Acc: Miss Selfridge & Claire’s Accessories

I absolutely love this dress. It’s completely different to my other dresses but I found it easy to pair stuff with it because I was really interested in rokku a few years ago, so I still had a few rokku accessories. I only wished it wasn’t as cold so that I could’ve worn some bandage tights… A spiked headband would look good too. I guess I’ll have to wait until I next try this outfit on. I felt good to wear red lipstick again – as you can’t really get away with it in any other gyaru styles, except perhaps onee or gyaru kei – and I also tried out my new Fairylash lowers! They were much longer than expected, so I had to tilt them up like crazy so that it didn’t look like spiders crawling out of my eyes (ew).

I can do rokku more often… I really want some more Ghost of Harlem
pieces, especially because my queen, Sakurina, wears it a lot! What’s
tempting me even more is that Yesstyle has a Cyber Monday promotion. Up to 80% discount? Yes please! Why do you do this to me?

Click here to go to Yesstyle!

Anyways, I’ll see you next Sunday! 

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